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What does it mean?~What on
What does it mean?~
What once was, seems to pass by in it's sense of the fact that it passes. The twisting, the turning, and nothing but a gut wrenching pace in order to disorient and to burn, to maim, and torture those at hand. Just like a roller coaster that seems to put aside the human capacity of withstanding g-force and all other manner of physics. A dream can be anything in such a way, as a time of night, a vision granted in ones sleep, and then there's the kind that even while the eyes are open wide, the mind is somewhere far away, and here, I'd like you to interpret my dream. By all means, please say what you like poking fun, amateur interpretations, or expert thoughts on it, philosophize, but don't leave me hanging. Here goes my own roller coaster, with it's simple style, it's flash, and it's own seemingly strange reality. It isn't bloody, it isn't sexual, I think, and it isn't even a desire, it  is to me, not but an enigma, so answer me, what does the puzzle mean?
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Memoir of a Forgotten Knight~
Memoir of a Forgotten Knight~ Part 3: Found to Part Ways
The visage of the castle was one to behold. Though the knight couldn't be daunted by things so simple as plant claimed stone walls, or the rubble of what was left of some of the castle walls, it was definitely large. The bastions had shrunk away though, out of sight as the rotted man shuffled and clanked into the main gate, as he did so, a surge of that now familiar blue and white light overtook the knight's sight, seeming to hit him physically as the rust-armor clad figure stumbled back, those decayed muscles barely containing the strength to keep from falling over. It was only that though, a flash, and as it passed, as it had done in the past, what was left was a glistening change of vision.
What was once fallen stone walls, was no upright, set in place, and ready to withstand any siege but time. It was strange to have it seem that way, as the vision was clear, it was so full, that clearly this wasn't with the rotted eyes he'd
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Memoir of a Forgotten Knight~
Memoir of  a Forgotten Knight~ The Trudge
The miles stretched onwards as the shell of a man found it's way across the heated sands. Time that had passed, was un-noticed to him, as his mind remained void of anything but the whispers that drove him onwards through the heat and the wind. "Find him.... Find him...." Each step was westwards, as he had been told to go, and with him, he still held tightly to the blade he had picked up with his armor, and it drug to the side, making a thin line that the wind had started to fill in at certain points, just like the dragging foot prints of his shuffling, iron-clad feet.
Night had fallen and the sun had risen on the rotting and walking carapace of the knight as his armor clanked with each un-faltering step, while his voice still maintained an absent groaning, gurgling, and rasping that seemed to accompany what drew his attention for a moment while walking, birds, rocks, and eventually as the desert began to mellow out, and become lands of gra
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Memoirs of a Forgotten Knight~
Memoirs of a Forgotten Knight~ Awakening
The light was the first thing inside of the dark and had shown itself in a small ray in the center of his vision. As it came closer, and started to fill his view the knight reached forwards weakly, and ended up with nothing in his hands. About as quickly as it had come, it left, the light warping around the man and then fleeting past him and out of vision, back into an abyssal darkness. What was once a state of not quite peace, but a simple minded state, was now filled with a curiosity, a burn to move that wasn't there before. As the hand grasped out again before the knight, it struck something, something cool.
The material that was shrouded in the air tight darkness was the same all around the knight as his fists and hands hit against it to no true avail other than to make a scraping sound of flesh against what seemed like stone. As he tried to yell out, it left the man's vocal chords as a rasping sound, a whisper with a hint of choking, that t
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